AUA Summit - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the 2020 Annual Urology Advocacy Summit?

The 2020 Annual Urology Advocacy Summit is an innovative symposium that brings together all facets of the urology community, including all members of the urologic care team, researchers, patient education groups, advocacy societies and subspecialties. The three-day event will expand and strengthen urology's credible and longstanding work with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, government agencies and state legislatures by cultivating and empowering specialty-specific advocates to promote health policy initiatives that benefit their community.

How is it different from previous urology advocacy conferences?

The AUA is engaging more urologic groups than ever before by soliciting content proposals from dozens of groups, including a wide-range of urologic subspecialties and patient advocacy groups. Also, a diverse group of meeting attendees will participate in breakout sessions, point-counterpoint debates, and plenary sessions moderated by thought leaders in the urologic community.

What other groups are involved?

The list of specific partners will be determined later this year. The AUA strives to work with all of the AUA sections, dozens of urologic specialty organizations and patient advocacy groups have been asked to submit potential agenda topics for the 2020 Annual Urology Advocacy Summit.

Where will this event be held?

The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Attendees also will have the opportunity to visit with legislators on Capitol Hill and, when possible, federal agencies throughout the D.C. metropolitan area.

Who can register for this event?

The Advocacy Summit is open to any United States citizen. The agenda will be catered towards urologists and urologic professionals within the various practice settings.

Is there a fee for this event?

There is no registration fee to attend the 2020 Annual Urology Advocacy Summit. Attendees will be responsible for travel to/from the event and any personal meals not associated with the conference.

Will attendees be able to earn continuing medical education (CME) at the 2020 Annual Urology Advocacy Summit?

Yes, attendees of the 2020 AUA Summit will be able to claim multiple CME credit hours. The exact amount will be determined later this year.

When will the program be finalized?

The 2020 AUA Summit Planning Committee is in the process of formulating a comprehensive conference agenda. A preliminary version will be posted in the very near future.

Where can I access program materials?

Program materials will be available one week prior to the start of the summit. Please check back at that time to find issue briefs and other important information.