AUA Summit - Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

The AUA Annual Urology Advocacy Summit aims to expand, strengthen and unify the voice of urology on public policy matters impacting our practices and patients by bringing together a broad array of stakeholders, including patient advocates and researchers. The advocacy conference seeks to expand urology’s scope in federal and state advocacy, as well as a variety of activities, sessions and opportunities that will leave participants feeling empowered and well-versed in advocating for policy matters that impact our practices, patients and the future of urology.

After attending the Summit and the CME sessions, participants should be able to:

  1. General Session – Prostate Cancer Advocacy
    1. Describe how to balance the cost and care of new treatment options available for men with prostate cancer. 
    2. Discuss the differences in the behavior of prostate cancer in African American men, and the need to advocate for increased research.
    3. Collaborate with the patient advocacy community and others to advocate for issues and solutions that address shared priorities.
  2. General Session – Workforce/GME
    1. Discuss how to integrate Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) into urologic practices; and how employing APPs can make a positive impact on patient access and care.
    2. Evaluate the urology work force, and describe where shortages exist.
  3. Men’s Health/Full Continuum of Care
    1. Cite evidence that demonstrates treatment of male sexual dysfunction improves overall health and/or cancer survivorship in men.
    2. Discuss the epidemiology of cancer in men, the health risks in men who are cancer survivors, and sexual dysfunction in men who are cancer survivors.
  4. Men’s Health/ Self- Examination for Testis Cancer
    1. Evaluate the United States Preventive Services Task Force Guidelines and existing data.
    2. Explain the data regarding testicular self-examination and the current USPSTF grade of “D” for this practice.
  5. Advocacy in Pediatric Urology - Disorders of Sex Development
    1. Describe advocacy issues facing pediatric urology as a whole.
    2. Explain the current advocacy efforts regarding disorders of sex development at the state and local levels.